Students' Research

Student Name Reg No Program Title Supervisor Status Photo
Nayebare Gumoteyo Jacinta 2015/HD13/18776U PhD Transport of faecal microorganisms and nitrates in shallow groundwater systems characterized by field piezometry and surface geophysics Dr. M. Owor, Dr. R. Kulabako, Dr. J. Ssempebwa Completed
Guma Brian Emmanuel 2012/HD13/18437U PhD Potential Hydrogeology Contaminants Derived from Petroleum Activities in the Albertine Graben Dr. M. Owor, Prof. A. Muwanga, Prof. R. Taylor Completed
Yabaya Victor 2015/HD13/1665X MSc Started
Lagu Ayama James Joseph 2015/HD13/1664X MSc Started
Nakisita Betty Mpongo 2015/HD13/1687U MPG Started
Maluac Garang Maluac 2015/HD13/1690X MPG Started
Deng Daniel Aguang 2014/HD13/809X MPG Source rock analysis, thermal maturation, genetic potential, paleodepositional environment and its relevant indices for hydrocarbon generation of Albertine graben, South Western Uganda ongoing
Tumusiime B. George 2013/HD13/124U MPG Dr. B. Nagudi, Dr. J. Tiberindwa ongoing
Nyaketcho Doreen 2014/HD13/805U MPG Characterization of thin beds in Semliki basin using seismic attributes Dr. I. Ssemmanda, Dr. K. Aanyu, Dr. J.M. Kiberu ongoing
Mushabe Gerald 2014/HD13/802U MPG Interpretation of incised valleys in the Semliki basin using 3D seismic attributes Dr. J.M. Kiberu, Dr. I. Ssemmanda Completed