Students' Research

Student Name Reg No Program Title Supervisor Status Photo
Kivumbi Daniel 2014/HD13/801/U MPG Utility of 3D seismic attributes and well log data for establishing the potential carbon dioxide sequestration targets in the Semliki basin Dr. J.M. Kiberu, Dr. K. Aanyu ongoing
Kiconco Rhona 2014/HD13/800U MPG Prediction of Time Paose (4D) effects of the reservoir based on well log data from the Semliki Basin, Western Uganda Dr. J.M. Kiberu, Dr. B. Nagudi ongoing
Ajuna Banet 2014/HD13/796/U MPG Basin and petroleum system modeling of the Semliki sub-basin, Albertine Graben Dr. S. Echegu, Dr. B. Nagudi ongoing
Kwagalakwe Asenath 2014/HD13/782U MSc (Geol) The genesis and concentration of nickel mineralization and associated base metals in the gabbroic instrusions of Bugiri district, SE Uganda Prof. E. Barifaijo, Dr. J.V. Tiberindwa ongoing
Weragire Muhammed 2013/HD13/169U MPG Integrated reservoir modeling of the Turaco prospect of the Semliki basin, Western Uganda Dr. J.M. Kiberu, Dr. B. Nagudi ongoing
Ssewanyaga Mukiibi Ivan 2013/HD13/284U MPG Establishment of Reservoir compartmentalization using integrated seismic attributes and petrophysical data in Turaco prospect, Semliki Basin Dr. J. Kiberu, Dr. K. Aanyu ongoing
Sserunjogi Joseph 2013/HD13/263U MPG Reservoir characterization using stochastic inversion of 3D seismic data in the Turaco prospect, Western Uganda Dr. J.M. Kiberu, Dr. A. Batte ongoing
Ssenoga John Paul 2013/HD13/149U MPG Source rock evaluation using pyrolysis and geophysical methods to investigate its characterization in the Semliki basin. Dr. B. Nagudi, Dr. S. Echegu ongoing
Pidho Justin Jordan 2013/HD13/261U MPG Combining Rock Physics Templates with Seismic inversion to characterize the hydrocarbon potential beneath the Kanywataba Prospect, Semliki Basin Dr. J.M. Kiberu, Dr. Dennis Okello ongoing
Okullo Joseph 2013/HD13/250U MSc (Geol) Groundwater storage estimation using MRS and aquifer tests in weathered crystalline rock aquifers of northern Uganda Dr. M. Owor, Dr. J.V. Tiberindwa, Dr. J.M.V. Vouillamoz ongoing