Lecture Series on Medical Geology by Prof. Davies

Professor Theophilus Davies from the University of Nigeria at Nsukka was hosted by the Department of Geology and Petroleum Studies from the 26th August to 2nd September 2018; he conducted a series of lectures on Medical Geology (MG) in preparation for the establishment of a UNESCO Chair of Medical Geology in Africa. The visit was sponsored by African Network of Earth Sciences (ANESI) and UNESCO.

Professor Davies is a principal exponent of the emerging science of MG in Africa. He said, ‘MG is a relatively new field in the Earth and Medical Sciences; since its formalization in 2000, MG has supported diagnostic and therapeutic research in environmental and public health in Africa’. He further noted that, ‘research and practice of MG has thus been of immeasurable benefit in combating a number of of environmental diseases arising from abandoned mining sites and migration of chemical elements’.

Professor Davies was interviewed during his visit and attached is the interaction.