Wycliff Kawule

Assistant lecturer,

Department of Geology & Petroleum Studies, College of Natural Sciences, Makerere University

P.O.Box 7062 Kampala, Uganda 

Tel: +256702859436

Email: wycliff.kawule@mak.ac.ug /wkawule@yahoo.com


I am a very dedicated and ambitious person, currently working as an Assistant Lecturer at the department of geology and petroleum studies of Makerere University. I have attained advanced training in the fields of geosciences, geo-information science and petroleum engineering. I am working towards becoming one of the most proficient professionals in the area of reservoir engineering; focusing mainly on the EOR component. I hope to achieve this through continuous training, individual and collaborative research-with already established engineers in the same field.  I already possess vast knowledge and practical experience in reservoir and petroleum production engineering. I also possess outstanding skills in technical report writing