Peggy K. Kulyanyingi

BSc, MSc(Mak)


Makerere University

Department of Geology

P.o.Box 7062 Kampala

Research interests: Petrology



Kulyanyingi, P. K., Schumann, A & Barifaijo, E. (1999). The Ugandan Basement Complex: A review and Perspective; Annual general conference of the Tanzania Geological Society, 'Geo-Tech 99; 11 –15 October, 1999; pp. 24-26 (abstracts).

Schumann, A. & Kulyanyingi, P. K. (2001). A first approach to a new understanding of the Ugandan Precambrian 'granite gneisses´. In: Hollnack, D., Kohring, R., Muwanga, A., Schlueter, T. & Schumann, A. (ed): Proceedings of the workshop on 'Challenges and Perspectives of Interdisciplinary Geo-networks in East Africa´, Documenta Naturae, 136: 147-159.

Schumann, A. & Kulyanyingi, P.K. (2001): Using field criteria to differentiate the so called 'granite-gneisses of the Basement Complex in eastern Uganda; Official Newsletter of the Geological Society of Uganda (GSU), Vol.1, No.1, 53-56.

Kulyanyingi, P.K. &. Schumann, A. (2001): A comparative study of the geochemistry and origin of granite-gneisses of the Basement complex from central and eastern Uganda;; Official Newsletter of the Geological Society of Uganda (GSU), Vol.1, No.2, 33-34.

Kulyanyingi, P.K. &. Schumann, A. (2002): "Proposed succession of Precambrian tectono-thermal / magmatic events in the proximity of the Aswa Shear zone in eastern Uganda; 19th colloquium of African Geology, Morocco, pp. 112 – 113 (abstracts).

Schumann, A. & Kulyanyingi, P. K. K. (2002): Geoscience education in Uganda – Focus on some challenges ahead of Geoscientists in the new millennium; 1st biennial conference for the Association of African Women Geoscientists (AAWG), Cape Town, South Africa; 22-24 October 2002; pp. 18-19 (abstracts).