Andrew Muwanga

Andrew Muwanga, BSc (Mak), MSc (Leeds), PhD (Brausnschweig)

Associate Professor

Makerere University, College of Natural Sciences, Department of Geology and Petroleum Studies

P.o.Box 7062 Kampala

Dr. Andrew Muwanga is an Associate Professor in the Department of Geology, Makerere University, Uganda. He holds a B.Sc. (Hons) Geology/Chemistry, Makerere University, M.Sc. (Engineering Geology), Leeds University, UK. and a PhD (Environmental Geochemistry (Braunschweig, FRG).  He has been teaching in the Department  of Geology and Petroleum Geosciences since 1982. He was key in developing the curricula for Bachelor of Petroleum Geoscience and Production and Master of Science in Petroleum Geoscience.

Teaching areas include Engineering Geology, Environmental Geology, natural Hazards and Prospecting and Mining Geology to undergraduate students as well as Research Methods and health, Safety and Environment Aspects in the oil and gas sector.

Research involved in includes:

  • Environmental monitoring of heavy metals in a protected zone affected by past mining activities, Engineering geological assessment of landslides;
  • Effects of wastes on the environmental and their responsible disposal in oil exploration  areas;
  • Susceptibility of Lake Albert sub-cartchment to contamination arising from oil exploration activities;
  • Possibility  of carbon dioxide sequestration as an option to mitigate climate changes;
  • Fate and transport of nutrients in groundwater and surface water in a Kampala urban catchment.

In the last five years, Dr. Muwanga has been a key partner in the Sanitation Crisis in Unsewered Slum Areas in African mega-cities project funded by UNSECO – IHE in collaboration  with IHE Delft and Sustainable restitution/recultivation of artisanal tantalum mining wasteland in East and Central Africa –funded by Volkswagenstiftung in collaboration with Universities in Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi,

Andrew Muwanga is a NEMA Registered Environmental Practitioner with consultancy experience in issues related to petroleum and mineral exploration, geology, mining including small scale mining, natural geological hazards, environmental monitoring, hydrogeological work involving water exploration and contaminant transport. In the last five years he has carried out consultancy services including environmental impacts of oil exploration and quarrying, feasibility of industrial mineral mining, designing restoration plans for quarries and borrow pits, carrying out a baseline study for a proposed oil refinery in Uganda as well as environment audits for industry and Hydropower projects.

Andrew Muwanga was a key figure in the team that carried out the Sectoral Environmental and Social Assessment of the mining sector in Uganda before the Sustainable Management of Mineral resources Project was approved by World Bank. In addition, he was one of two consultants hired by the National Management Authority  to formulate the Sectoral Guidelines of the Mining Sector in Uganda to be used as a regulatory framework  for the mining industry. He was the engineering geologist on the team that is carrying out environmental audits of the Bujagali Hydropower project. He was a consultant on the World Bank sponsored  Sustainable Mining and Mineral Resources Project in Uganda participating in the Training and Awareness Campaign for artisanal and small scale miners. During the 2010 landslide disasters in Eastern Uganda, he was a member of the Inter-ministerial Task Force that carried out an assessment in view if resettling landslide victims.